Pauline Boyes' Prayer Chain

Posted 14 years, 6 months ago by Matt Chamberlin - Youth Co-ordinator    2 comments

Give thanks for God's wonderful faithfulness to us all over this last week.
Praise Him for the Alpha course successfully started, pray for each member that week by week God will give a greater understanding of what in means to know Him & trust our lives in His hands.
Uphold all our services tomorrow, 8.45am, 10am & Ignite at 7pm. & Kevin as he leads them,.also
all those taking any part, worship leaders, musicians, technicians and all of worshippers, that we will come with a humble spirit to hear God's message for each one.
Please remember those who work with our young people from the tiniest to the young adults. Give thanks that M&Ms is popular, pray for those who lead it each week & for the team who make everyone welcome. Pray this will prove a good outreach into our community. Also on Tuesdays remember the Girls Brigade, with Venetia & her team. Praise God for these girls who come each week & really enjoy the programme.
Pray also for Peter Jessop & his team & all the Kings Kids, also uphold Matt & Stephanie with the young teens at Wired, pray for all these children & their families, may they all get a good start in the Christian faith. Please continue to pray for the young adults meeting at 7pm with Ignite service, especially uphold Matt with his increased responsibility now Wayne has gone. Please also remember Matt's work in the local colleges, also Dav Hoe & others.
Give thanks for the great work of Katherine Bennett  each week in the creche & Marie Cutler with the tiny tots each Sunday.
Please remember our Kindergarten, the principal & all the staff & each child, give thanks for the great work of the trustees, Heather & others & pray there will be more people found to become trustees & a new chair person at the AGM.
Please uphold al our study groups & their leaders may, these time of studying God's word prove to be really valuable in the growth of our church and of each individual member.
Please uphold all our elderly & frail members, especially as the cold weather arrives, pray also for those looking for work & those anxious about their future security in these uncertain times. Help us all to keep our eyes on Jesus & remember His promises to sustain & keep us at al times.
Please pray for Bible in schools where there are several vacancies, pray teachers will become available to fill the gaps & keep up this important work.
Thank you again for keeping the needs of our parish & its members in your prayers. Praise God for His wonderful faithfulness in hearing & answering & supplying our needs. Pray we will all look to Him for guidance in every part of our lives, to the honour & glory of His wonderful Name.


10 years, 5 months ago
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